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Love and Relationships

How To Be the Best Groomsman

If a close friend or family member asks you to participate in their wedding, then you should prepare to be an exceptional, memorable groomsman.

How To Know When You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Have you found your soulmate or are you in the middle of the search? Watch for these signs to know if you may be in a relationship with the one.

Tips for Choosing a Promise Ring for Your Significant Other

To give your loved one a beautiful gesture of your love and commitment, follow these tips for choosing a promise ring for your significant other.

4 Top Tips for Finding Love

It doesn’t matter if you have been single for a long time or you’ve only just split up with a partner, new love can...

How to Improve Your Sex Life – 4 Things You May Not Have Tried

Although sex is only one part of a relationship, it does play a vital role in keeping you physically and emotionally bonded to your...

The Moment A Woman With Alzheimer’s Recognizes Her Daughter Is Absolutely Beautiful

Kelly Gunderson shared this amazing moment during a discussion with her 87-year-old mother who has Alzheimer's. In the video, her mother remembers who Kelly...

A Perfect Video Of Weird Things Everyone In A Longterm Relationship Does

Think your relationship is unique? Think again. We all do crazy things with our loved ones that include, but are not limited to: singing...

5 Ways To Make Growing Old Just As Incredible As Being Young!

Human beings are like wine and cheese...you know the rest, the older we get, the better we become. Here are 5 ways to keep...

Thai Commercial Reminds Us There Are Some Things Technology Can Never Replace. Love Is One Of Them.

A mobile service provider in Thailand, DTAC, created this emotional spot with the help of Y&R to remind people of the simple fact that...

Couple Married For 50 Years Are The Definition Of Unconditional Love Through Life’s Toughest Battles.

Glad has Alzheimer's. Her husband, Bill, takes care of her the way only unconditional love can provide. A video by CVCNOW, which produces creative...

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