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Tips for Choosing a Promise Ring for Your Significant Other

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So, you’ve found someone that you see a long-term future with and want to symbolize your commitment with a ring. First of all, congratulations! Giving your significant other a promise ring is a beautiful gesture of love and hope for the future of your blossoming relationship. To find a ring that your love will want to proudly wear on their finger, check out these helpful tips for choosing a promise ring for your significant other.

Snoop on Their Style

When choosing a promise ring, you probably want to pick something that your significant other will love and want to wear regularly. A great way to figure out what your partner will like without outwardly asking them and ruining the surprise is to take a look at the style of jewelry they currently wear. For example, if they wear a lot of yellow-gold jewelry, don’t buy them something with a silver, platinum, or rose gold band—that is, unless they’ve been dropping hints about wanting a ring with that type of metal. 

In addition to the type of metal, the type of stone your promise ring includes is also a large consideration. While diamonds are a popular option, there are so many other gemstones to choose from. If your significant other likes more colorful jewelry, consider opting for a sapphire, which comes in a range of different colors. Or you could skip the stone entirely and opt for a pearl or plain band. The world is your oyster.

Avoid an Awkward Miscommunication

The thing about promise rings is that they can sometimes resemble another—more permanent—symbol of commitment. To prevent a misunderstanding that could transform a lovely moment into an extremely awkward situation, make sure that the promise ring you choose doesn’t look too much like an engagement ring. For example, you could choose a ring that doesn’t have a traditional center stone. If the promise ring you choose does closely resemble an engagement ring, just make sure to preface your gift with a quick disclaimer to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Sleuth Out Their Ring Size

Another tip for choosing a promise ring for your significant other is to determine their ring size. While you can always get the ring refitted, doing so weakens the band and makes it more prone to damage in the future. As such, you should avoid altering the size of the ring if possible. 

The first step to determining what size of ring to get is to figure out which finger they will wear it on. Often, promise rings are worn on the ring finger of the left or right hand. However, a promise ring can be worn on any finger the wearer chooses or even around their neck with a chain. If you want the gift to be a surprise, consider asking your loved one’s close friends and family members if they know their ring size. You could also consider tracing the inside of one of the rings that they currently own and taking it to a jeweler for advice. When all else fails, you can always just ask them for their ring size and hope that they don’t suspect anything.

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