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Love and Relationships

He Died 10 Hours After They Exchanged Vows During The Most Moving And Beautiful Wedding Ceremony I’ve Ever Seen.

In early 2014, Rowden and Leizel decided that they would get married in July of 2014. Shortly after making that decision, Rowden was unexpectedly...

See Why This Proposal Is Celebrity-Approved As The Future Groom Blows Everyone Away With His Insanely Beautiful Voice.

Brittney thinks she's walking into a surprise party for a friend, but what's actually waiting for her behind the door is her boyfriend, Cameron,...

Depressed Goat Doesn’t Eat For 6 Days After Being Separated From His Donkey Best Friend. You Won’t Believe His Reaction When They Are Reunited.

A 10-year-old goat named Mr. G fasted and sat in a corner for six days after being separated from his donkey best friend named...

Infographic: The Secrets (And Numbers) To Having A Happy Marriage.

There are clearly several factors that go into keeping your loved one and yourself in a happy and healthy relationship, but what are some...

This Proposal Took Four Years And Traveling To 26 Countries To Make. Trust Us When We Say It’s EPIC.

Jack Hyer and Rebecca Strellnauer went on their first date on September 30, 2010. Their chemistry was so incredible that Jack wrote in his...

No Matter Your Religion This Couple’s Story Of Patience And Love Will Completely Change Your Life

Ian and Larissa met in 2005. They were together for 10 months before Larissa and Ian's family got the call that he had been...

Bald Is Beautiful! Courageous Woman Diagnosed With Cancer 9 Months Into Planning Wedding Gets Married

From the heralded wedding blog "Style Me Pretty" comes the story of a cancer survivor not letting anything stand in the way of her...

9 Tips To Help You Communicate Better In Every Relationship.

Psychology experts have gathered a list of 9 things we can do in order to make our communicating more effective in relationships. Even if...

This Son-Mother Wedding Dance Was Never Rehearsed Together, But They Absolutely Nail Every Move!

These two dancing machines rehearsed their surprise dance-off separately. When they get in front of the wedding guests, their moves are performed flawlessly. It's...

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