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How To Know When You’ve Found Your Soulmate

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Soulmate, star-crossed lovers, two peas in a pod—whatever you choose to call it, we all want it. But how do we know when we’ve found it? Is it always love at first sight? Fireworks and weak knees? Or is the process of finding a soulmate more gradual? We have a few helpful hints for how to know when you’ve found your soulmate. Pay close attention—your one and only may already be sitting right next to you.

Comfortable Peace

When you are in a relationship with the one you are destined to grow old with, there is a natural comfort and peace about the relationship. That person is your rock in good times and bad. They calm your storm simply with their presence.

A Best Friend

Maybe you don’t both enjoy manicures or golf, but at the end of the day, you want to do the fun things in life together. When you get good news or bad news, you naturally reach out to them first. You share inside jokes, hobbies, and favorite foods. A soulmate isn’t just a lover—they’re your bestie.

Empathy and Concern

An ability to put yourselves in each other’s shoes and feel the other’s pain because you love each other dearly is one of the ways to know you’ve found your soulmate. You don’t just sympathize—you agonize, cheer, cry, and laugh completely with your partner in whatever they’re going through.

Respect and Trust

Although it takes a few solid traits to solidify a soulmate, respect and trust are a must, and both are a common theme of couples who make it the long haul. Everything else is built on those two foundations. A soulmate is easy to trust because they give you no reason not to, and they are always respectful toward their partner. You see each other as equals, going through this journey hand in hand, and never wavering or betraying.


A sign you’ve found your soulmate is true admiration toward them. Sure, they’re cute and fun, but you also admire their work ethic, talents, or the way they light up a room. Your soulmate challenges you simply because you are sometimes in awe of their gifts and personality. They inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Simply put, your soulmate is your muse.

Chemistry That’s Off the Charts

Never base an entire relationship on chemistry because, in time, chemistry may fade. Still, when you’ve met the one, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other (to put it bluntly). A best friend whom you admire and trust but feel no passion for may just be a best friend. However, couple those qualities with chemistry, and you’ve started a fire, possibly with your soulmate.

Your Gut Says So

We trust our gut in all other areas of life; certainly, we can trust it with our love lives as well. If your gut says, “This is it!” there’s a good chance it’s right. Trust your gut, or you’ll regret it later.

So, what do you think? Have you found your soulmate, or do you still only dream of it happening? There’s someone for everyone. Be patient and remember that it takes more than a cute smile to earn the position of soulmate. Trust, respect, empathy, peace, and chemistry all combine to make the love of a lifetime and the wait worth the while.

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