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A Perfect Video Of Weird Things Everyone In A Longterm Relationship Does

Think your relationship is unique? Think again. We all do crazy things with our loved ones that include, but are not limited to: singing...

“Rules For Dating My Owner” As Written By A Dog

If you're single and mingling you may not have children. You may not have a responsibility in the world other than yourself...or so you...

Stray Cat Sneaks Into Zoo Exhibit With A Predator. The Next Thing That Happened Has Shocked The World.

A stray calico looking for some food in a Russian zoo found her way into an animal enclosure. It wouldn't be a story at...

How This Girl Says “Take A Picture” Just Made Her The Cutest Thing On The Internet. Melting With Adorable!

Let's get back to the Vine vault and add this in as a classic six second clip that makes every single moment infinitely better....

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