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Tips for Moving to a New Home With Your Cats

Moving is a hassle for anyone, but since I have pets, extra planning is involved. I already utilize practical packing ideas each...

5 Top Tips to Help Your Pet Live Longer

Your pet will provide much love, support, and companionship and is a cherished member of the family. For these reasons, you will...

Ways To Make Winter Safer for Your Pets

When the weather turns colder, it’s easy to look at the furry friends in our life with a little envy. They’re covered...

Four Mental Health Benefits of Bird Watching

For a large portion of the population, this past year has been a more stressful one than usual, full of unexpected twists...

Natural Remedies for Common Ailments in Dogs

Looking after a much-loved dog is a massive responsibility. Their health and happiness are quite literally in your hands, and dogs cannot...

3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthier For Longer

The health of your dog can be a tricky thing to keep an eye on. Your dog will generally let you know when...

5 Interesting Facts about Coconut Crabs

Known for their strength, size and predatory nature, the coconut crab is regarded as the largest arthropod in the world. Here are five interesting...

Some Animals Sleep With One Eye Open When There’s Something Interesting To Watch

It is known that some animals are able to sleep with only one eye closed. A recent study reported on at CapitalOTC.com showed that...

3 Great Career Choices for Animal Lovers

A lot of people would love to make money from their passion. Unfortunately, for too many of them, their passion just isn’t something they...

Your Puppy Loves You. Really.

You can’t wait to go home and cuddle with you precious pooch. His big brown eyes and playful wagging tail lift your spirits at...

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