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The Best Locations for Hosting Your Book Club

Learn where to host your first book club meeting with these location suggestions, such as the comfort of your home, kid-friendly public parks, and more.

Gift Ideas for the Aquarius in Your Life

Need to find a unique and heartwarming gift for your Aquarius loved one? Use this gift guide as shopping inspiration to pick the perfect present.

3 Women From the Bible Everyone Should Know

Whether or not you’re a Christian, you can learn so much from these three amazing women in the Bible who teach us about humility, bravery, and loyalty.

Having an Optimistic Outlook in Life

Having an optimistic outlook in life can have very beneficial rewards. It was Henry Ford who said, 'Whether you think you can, or think...

Inspiration: On turning your life around

Sometimes we stall in life, it happens to us all, but what matters most is – how we get back up and turn our...

Debunking The Myths About Motivation!

If you analyze the word “motivation,” it will simply mean to move. By movement, one does not imply the physical displacement but moving ahead...

6 Inspiration & Ideas for Your Portico

“No, it’s not a porch. It’s a portico!” If you’re a homeowner who has invested much in renovating your porch into a magnificent portico,...

Try a Staycation this Summer: How to Rediscover Your Hometown

Far-flung locations, idyllic beaches, cities full of history, they all come to mind when thinking about spending those precious free days during the summer....

5 Hobbies to Bring Calm to Your Life

We live in an over-stimulated environment; it is rare to find ourselves just focusing intently on one activity. We tend to be multi-tasking all...

Set – and Keep – Your Goals: Six Steps

 We set goals for everything in our life - whether it is a new exercise routine, or our carefully mapped out career path, or...

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