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Best Places in America To Visit If You Love Nature

There’s so much beauty, serenity, and happiness to be found when you’re exploring nature. Discover some of the best places in American to visit.

The Dangers of Off-Roading in Sand

Taking your Jeep or other off-road vehicle onto sandy terrain? Don’t treat it like you’d treat anything else. Look out for these hazards of off-roading in sand.

Helpful Beginner Tips That Will Make Hiking Easier

Hiking for the first time can be intimidating as well as exhausting! However, there are tricks to the trade that can make your experience more enjoyable.

Surprising Outdoor Activities You Can Do at Night

Ready to shake up your exercise routine? Turn things upside down with these surprising outdoor activities you can do at night. You’ll see sports in a new way.

Vegetable Gardening for Apartment Dwellers: These Plants Thrive in Pots

One of the things most apartment dwellers really regret is the lack of space for gardening. Although they have a sunny balcony, there is...

Sunglasses In Winter- Sounds Crazy Right?

As winter sets in, days get shorter, and the level of sunlight reduces, many of us stash away our sunglasses. We eagerly await the...

5 Incredible Train Journeys to Enjoy Slow Travel

Five-hour security lines, what seem like weekly plane accidents, unbearable delays in the tarmac, ever shrinking seats and leg room, these are all very...

How to make a difference – Healing our planet

There is nothing more rewarding than working or volunteering for projects that make a positive impact in the world. It can be volunteering to...

12 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Go Organic Now

  Going green seems to be where the wind is blowing these days.  The rave about organic food has seen exponential growth not just in...

5 Survivalist Tips Every Hiker Should Know

When going out on an extensive hike, it is important to fully prepare yourself for the best and the worst that can happen. Here...

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