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How To Celebrate Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Make the day special for the woman who raised you by exploring different ways to celebrate her this year.

Vacationing to Thailand: 7 Wonderful Reasons to Visit Thailand

Vacationing to Thailand can be a remarkable experience. If you want to learn why you should visit Thailand, you should click here.

Cool holiday decoration ideas

If you love celebrating all the holidays, and are looking for some ideas for homemade decorations, enjoy our beautiful, easy to make crafts. We...

5 Weird and Wonderful Secret Santa Gifts

If you’re entering a secret Santa gift swap at work this year, you may well be panicking about whose name you'll draw from the...

How to Pull Out All the Stops for the Holidays

It may only be September, however, that doesn’t mean you cannot start preparing for and envisioning a flawless and magical holiday season. After all,...

What You Need to Know About United States Independence Day- the 4th of July

Independence Day happens every year on the 4th of July. American's have been celebrating Independence Day since the first Independence Day, on the 4th...

Why Does the United States Celebrate Flag Day – Know thy History!

Why Flag Day? On June 14th, 1777 a resolution was passed by the Second Continental Congress to have an Official United States flag. The resolution stated...

5 Great Christmas Party Theme Ideas

Let’s be honest, most Christmas parties are boring. More often than not, people end up doing the same thing and have the same party...

Sunglasses In Winter- Sounds Crazy Right?

As winter sets in, days get shorter, and the level of sunlight reduces, many of us stash away our sunglasses. We eagerly await the...

5 Remodeling Projects to Tackle for the Fall & Winter

While the summer months are a great time to escape our daily routines, to take advantage of schedule-free days, and to see the world...

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