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Vacationing to Thailand: 7 Wonderful Reasons to Visit Thailand

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If the only thing you’ve heard about Thailand is the Full Moon parties, you’ll be in for a surprise. This phenomenal South East Asian country is rich in culture, wildlife, and landscapes that are wondrous for every traveler. 

Vacationing to Thailand gives you countless opportunities to embrace the culture and be blown away by the exquisite landscapes and friendly people. 

With the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea on its shores, Thailand’s water activities are just as wonderful as those on land. The north of the country is wild and mountainous and the food, wherever you go, is incredible. 

Read on to discover all about Thailand and why your next vacation should be there. 

1. Unbelievable Beaches

Famous for its beaches, Thailand has a lot to offer everyone who loves white sand and palm trees. Many of the more popular beaches can get crowded but with over 1500 miles of incredible coastline, you’ll be able to find much quieter places to lay your towel. 

Visit Railay Beach in Krabi to get vacation photos that will make everyone you know jealous. Ao Manao is another stunning beach and it’s secluded and peaceful. Swim in the warm water and work up an appetite for a Thai lunch to remember. 

2. Food You’ll Fall in Love With

Thai food is a staple in many towns and cities throughout the world but it’s Thailand where it’s undoubtedly the best. Street food is big here and very cheap, while restaurants offer delicious dishes full of spice and fresh fish. 

3. Affordable on Any Budget

Thailand attracts young backpackers because it’s a supremely cheap country to travel in. Meals out are less than a few dollars and hotels are opulent yet budget-friendly.

Thailand’s affordability makes it an exciting adventure destination for families, couples, and friends exploring the world. 

4. Underwater Activities

Learning to scuba or free dive is affordable and wonderful in Thailand. The marine life is abundant and coral reefs are vivid in the clear, sun-filled water. If you don’t want lessons, you can rent snorkel gear right from the beach and spend hours swimming in the warm bays. 

5. Easy to Get Around

Thailand is easy for tourists to get around with taxis, buses, trains, and ferries. The tourist trail is well established but even if you’re going off the beaten track, you’ll find transportation easy to find and cheap. 

6. Fascinating Temples

Rich in Buddhist temples, Thailand’s religious culture will blow you away. Chiang Mai is an ideal place to visit some of the most astounding temples but you’ll find them throughout the nation. 

7. Rugged Landscape

With plains, plateaus, mountains, and dense forests, Thailand has a landscape so diverse you’ll want to see it all. Take a hiking trip up into the northern mountains above Chiang Mai and visit some of the country’s National Parks. 

Look out for wildlife from elephants and boars to monkeys and parrots. 

Vacationing to Thailand Is Worth the Journey

The world is filled with extraordinary places but vacationing to Thailand is an adventure you don’t want to miss. Cheap in cost but rich in culture, this country will serve you the most delicious food and show you the most incredible landscapes. 

Check your passport’s in date and start booking those flights! Follow us for travel inspiration and more tips about where to go. 

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