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DIY Stocking Stuffers You Should Make This Year

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There’s nothing like finding the perfect present to slip under the tree. You can’t wait for your loved one to rip off the paper and see what you got them. In contrast to that big moment, looking through a stocking often feels less exciting. Stockings are still a great part of the Christmas tradition, though, so you want to find or make the right presents for them. Keep reading to learn about some DIY stocking stuffers you should make this year so that you can get this detail right.

Homemade Bookmarks

Reading more is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. Help your loved one take one step closer to accomplishing that goal with a beautiful homemade bookmark. You can customize this DIY craft however you see fit, using various materials from leather to denim to lace. Depending on your skill level, you can paint or sew details onto this special bookmark as well. Make sure to attach something to the end so that the bookmark won’t get lost in the book when they use it.

Delicious Hot Chocolate Mix

You can buy almost any kind of hot chocolate mix at the store and slip premade packages into stockings if you want. If you want to take hot chocolate to the next level, though, you can make a package yourself. Choose any chocolate powder you think they’ll like, then include fun additions like miniature chocolate chips, marshmallows, crushed candy canes, and sprinkles. Pour it all into a little container, slap a custom label on the side, and slip it into a stocking for a delicious surprise they can make on Christmas Day or later.

Holiday Soap Bars

Everyone needs soap, and while you may worry you’re insulting someone when you gift it to them, you can turn this into something fun. There are various holiday soap bar designs you can make that’ll make the recipient light up and look forward to using their gift. Melt a soap base, choose any scent you think they’ll enjoy, and pour it into a mold. Most people also add fun colors or special additives like dried flowers to their soap bars, but you can customize yours however you like. Wrap them in parchment or wax paper and give them as delightful stocking stuffers.

There are lots of stocking stuffer ideas you should make to surprise your loved ones this year. These DIY ideas are useful and fun things they can enjoy immediately with a good book, hot cup, or relaxing bath or wait to use later. No matter what you gift someone, make sure it’s something they’ll enjoy and appreciate this holiday season.

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