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Watch: Man Makes Musical Instruments Out Of Random Objects And Rocks The Streets Of Baltimore!

Abu the Flutemaker is the epitome of making something out of nothing. Abu is a local legend in Baltimore, Maryland, and takes the simplest...

Artist Uses 64,000 Chopsticks To Make An Unbelievable Portrait Of A Famous Actor!

Artist “Red” Hong Yi creates art from food, candles, flowers, seeds, stained coffee cups and other unusual items. In her newest work she created...

Watch: Dreamworks Animator Uses Insane Special Effects To Turn His Son Into Powerful Superhero!

These are the most incredible and original 10-15 second clips on the internet anyone will ever come across. Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto has made...

Watch: The Best Version Of The Song “Happy” You’ve Ever Heard Sung By Students In Detroit.

These extremely talented students from the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences will make you smile from ear to ear with their impressive and cute...

The World’s Most Perfect Photo Of A Parrot Isn’t Actually A Photo. You’ll Be Shocked When You See What It Really Is.

This picturesque parrot perching on a tree is actually a woman covered in body paint. Artist  Johannes Stoetter, a former world champion body painter,...

Here Is What A Tree Trunk Would Sound Like If Read By A Record Player. It’s Dark, Mysterious And Amazing!

Artist Bartholomäus Traubeck has custom-built a record player that "plays" slices of tree trunks. His artpiece "Years," an audio recording of tree rings being...

Beautiful Works Of Art Made By Honeybees And An Artist Hoping To Save Them. I Have A New Appreciation For Nature.

Honeybees are nature's artists and silent flower fertilizers. We think of them as annoying when they buzz by our ears, and are even scared...

These Incredible Sculptures Are Made With Nothing But A Scalpel And One Piece Of Paper. Their Lifelike Shapes Will Amaze You.

Denmark-born artist Peter Callesen is a master at the intricate and detailed. His artwork is unlike anything you've ever seen and is made with...

A Guy In The Philippines Is Making The Most Earth-Friendly And Eye-Popping Sculptures You’ve Ever Seen.

James Doran-Webb grew up all over the world, but has been living in Cebu City in the Philippines for 26 years where he runs...

What This Man Creates With Just His Feet And Compass Is A Must See! Think Crop Circles, But In The Snow!

Here's 55 year old Simon Beck and his dog. Up close it's hard to tell what he's doing, but in just a second we'll...

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