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Watch: Dreamworks Animator Uses Insane Special Effects To Turn His Son Into Powerful Superhero!

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These are the most incredible and original 10-15 second clips on the internet anyone will ever come across. Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto has made a hobby of turning his son, James, into an action-hero and walking hazard. His channel called Action Movie Kid takes his son’s every day activities like LEGO making, lightsaber trying at Toys “R” Us and jumping on the couch into flawlessly animated flicks starring James.

Mr. Hashimoto told the Creators Project that when his son saw the lightsaber and Iron Man videos he responded with, “What if I did that for realsies, Dad?”

So Daniel brought his son’s dreams to life…

“Toy Lightsaber”

“McDonald’s Play Place”

“Grappling Gun”

“The Danger of Wet Floors”

“The Floor is Lava”

To see more of Daniel’s amazing work, check out his YouTube channel here.

Source: DIY Photography

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