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Beautiful Works Of Art Made By Honeybees And An Artist Hoping To Save Them. I Have A New Appreciation For Nature.

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Honeybees are nature’s artists and silent flower fertilizers. We think of them as annoying when they buzz by our ears, and are even scared when they come around, but they are really intricately smart little things. As the population of bees dwindles an environmentally conscious Canadian artist, Aganetha Dyck, found a way to utilize honeybee brilliance in her work.

Aganetha collaborates with bees (literally) to create these unique works of art.




She lets honeybees add their artistic flair to her prior work.


Then, she carves the wax down in a true display of bee and human interconnection.


Some of the honeycomb cells complement the art in a really cool, almost purposeful way.


Other times they create some outlandish looking sculptures.


Aganetha uses apiary feeder boards and hive blankets when working with bees.




This series of her work is called Honeybee Alterations. It is currently on display at the Ottawa School of Art.

You can visit Aganetha’s site for more information on her work with the honeybees.

CREDITS: Aganetha Dyck

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