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The World’s Most Perfect Photo Of A Parrot Isn’t Actually A Photo. You’ll Be Shocked When You See What It Really Is.

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This picturesque parrot perching on a tree is actually a woman covered in body paint. Artist  Johannes Stoetter, a former world champion body painter, is responsible for the mind-blowing masterpiece.

According to the Daily Mail “The 35-year-old artist, who lives in Italy, spent four weeks painstakingly planning how he could transform the female model into a parrot,” the report states. “He took four hours to paint the woman’s body using special breathable paint – adding intricate detail, dark shading and even a bright green eye.”


He four weeks planning the optical illusion prior to putting his vision into effect.



 Stoetter said he chose to position the model on a tree stump to enhance the ‘parrot’s’ life-like appearance.



Share Johannes Stoetter’s incredible creation with your friends. His hard work and vision should be spread to as many as possible!

CREDITS: The Blaze via Daily Mail



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