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College Student Pranks Her Professor In The Most Humiliating And Hilarious Way Ever. You’ll Sympathize When He Turns Bright Red!

It may be a week later, but this April Fools' prank is worth the watch. When a students' phone rings in this professor's class,...

15 April Fools’ Pranks That Are Harmless And Hilarious! Have The Camera Out For #10!

The following pranks do come with this warning: make sure the person you play them on will forgive you...quickly! Now, no harm, no foul!...

You’ll Wonder Why Anyone Would Watch This Oddly Filmed Video, Then You Realize It Sends A Very Important Message.

Whether you are a sports fan, enjoy watching the Olympics, or you're completely neutral on the aforementioned, this video is worth the watch. What's...

A 5-Year-Old Receives A Letter From The IRS. His Response? Brilliant.

Paulie Smith has been getting letters from the IRS since he was 5. Now a 6-year-old, his mother, Susan, is fed up with the...

Two-Time Gold Medalist Motivated By His Older Brother. When You Learn Why, You’ll Be Cheering For Both Of Them.

Most people have never heard of anyone that's made it to the international throne of sports that we know as the Olympics. We know...

This Olympic Speedskater Is Called “The Comeback Kid.” After Watching This, You’ll Understand Why

Short track speedskater J.R. Celski is lucky to be alive. Here is his shocking journey from Olympic hopeful five months before the Vancouver Olympics,...

“Weeeee’ve Come Too Faaaar!” Russian Police Choir Rocks Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” At The Olympics

Something very unexpected happened before the opening ceremonies at the Sochi Olympics began. Members of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Red Army...

Olympic Uniform Round Up From Sochi – The Good, The Bad, The Hideous

Australia Forest green jeans, a belt designed by Sportscraft and Adidas shoes complete Australia's "urban mountain resort feel." United States The United States team will be decked...

You Saw The Budweiser Commercial, But What You Haven’t Seen Is The Amazing Story Behind This Soldier.

On January 8, Budweiser and the town of Winter Park, Florida welcomed Lt. Chuck Nadd back home after serving overseas. "This is the true behind-the-scenes...

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