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A 5-Year-Old Receives A Letter From The IRS. His Response? Brilliant.

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Paulie Smith has been getting letters from the IRS since he was 5. Now a 6-year-old, his mother, Susan, is fed up with the IRS. After they mistakenly mailed a request to Paulie his mother jokingly filled out the form. Now, the IRS doesn’t know they are sending a letter to a kindergartner, so this is what they say:

“Dear Mr. Smith: we don’t recognize Susan F. Smith as someone authorized to discuss your tax file. If you want Susan F. Smith to be authorized to discuss your return we suggest you go online and submit form 8892 and form…(and so on).” Since the government already had the little boy’s Social Security Number and knew he was a minor, Susan decided to mail the message home.

So, Paulie wrote “Mr. Taxman” back himself:


“Dear Taxman.

I got your letter. I am now 6 years old. It is ok if you talk to my mommy Susan F. Smith about my tax papers until I am 18.

– Paulie Smith”

Fair enough, Paulie! Tax season is here, so share this with your friends! They’ll get a kick out of it!


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