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Here’s The Puppy Love Commercial Everyone Has Been Gushing Over. It’s Not That Great…It’s Outstanding.

Budweiser is notorious for producing content and commercials that leave a lasting impact. This ad is no exception. Everyone is talking about this, and...

Facebook Time Machine: Find Out How Many Days You’ve Wasted On Facebook.

TIME magazine's tech page put together this fascinating calculator that, with the click of a button, will tell you how much time you've lost...

Grandmas Singing Grammy Nominated Songs Like Shakespeare. It’s Truly Comedic Gold!

Ellen had a guest host fill in for her last show before hosting the 2014 Grammy Awards, but that didn't put a stop to...

“No More Cat Food, Star Wars Typhoon!” NFL Lip Reading Viral Hit #2 Scores Big Time!

The team at Bad Lip Reading has done it again...this one might be even better. If you haven't seen the first one you can...

These Kids Reenact Richard Sherman’s Famous Rant From This Week. The Result Is Absolutely Adorable!

If you haven't seen Richard Sherman's rant from the National Football Conference Championship this past Sunday, you can click here for a refresher (and,...

Fireworks In Reverse. You Can’t Wrap Your Brain Around This Until You See It.

Yes, this sequence of fireworks in reverse is the coolest display of sky decorations you'll ever see! Now, if we could find them in...

This Guy Fools Women Into Giving Him A Kiss On New Year’s Eve Using A Card Trick!

Hey, no kiss to ring in the new year, no problem! Just put together a card routine and go and kiss everyone you want!...

One Thing You Need To Do In 2014: Get Away From Your Desk.

We know. How could you possibly escape from the four walls that confine you, or the cubicle you've been assigned to? We don't mean...

Do NOT Make Any New Year’s Resolutions Until You Watch This…Trust Us.

Wait a second...you mean this guy has proof that if I make a New Year's Resolution and start on January 1, there's actually a...

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