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This Olympic Speedskater Is Called “The Comeback Kid.” After Watching This, You’ll Understand Why

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Short track speedskater J.R. Celski is lucky to be alive. Here is his shocking journey from Olympic hopeful five months before the Vancouver Olympics, when he nearly severed his femoral artery and thought he was going to die, to overcoming all the odds and demonstrating nothing short of sheer focus, determination and the desire to compete.

WARNING: This story includes some graphic footage and images.

What’s even more brilliant after hearing his comeback story, is to watch J.R.’s life in reverse as depicted in this Ameritrade commercial. It offers a powerful 30 second perspective on what it really takes to be an Olympic athlete competing on the world stage. Ameritrade and its advertising partner Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, should be applauded for capturing the essence of these athletes and how their stories send a powerful message about grit and dedication. Every aspiring athlete should watch.

CREDITS: “Comeback Kid” courtesy of NBC. Ameritrade commercial here.

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