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You’ll Wonder Why Anyone Would Watch This Oddly Filmed Video, Then You Realize It Sends A Very Important Message.

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Whether you are a sports fan, enjoy watching the Olympics, or you’re completely neutral on the aforementioned, this video is worth the watch. What’s it about? On March 7 the Paralympic Games held in Sochi begin. This ad was put together for Team Canada, but it’s message is global. Since millions have been tuning into the Olympics, it’s only right that we watch top-level athletes no matter what they may be “missing”. Because it’s about #WhatsThere. (As I’m writing this, I realize the word “Paralympic” is being underlined as though it’s a misspell? No, computer, the world needs to recognize). It’s powerful and inspiring…our favorite combination of adjectives.

CREDITS: Original video courtesy of Team Canada and BBDO.

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