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15 April Fools’ Pranks That Are Harmless And Hilarious! Have The Camera Out For #10!

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The following pranks do come with this warning: make sure the person you play them on will forgive you…quickly! Now, no harm, no foul! These are just a few ways to spruce up and dominate one of the more fun (and pointless) days of the year!

1. Put a little toothpaste in between Oreos. Minty fresh!aprilfoolspranks3

2. Put tape over the sensor on a mouse!

3. Anybody hungry?aprilfoolspranks15

4. Replace a nice odor with a not-so-nice odor…like shrimp!aprilfoolspranks14

5. For the environmentally friendly in the office, plant a garden in their keyboard!aprilfoolspranks13

*Note: You might want to start this around March 1st next year!aprilfoolspranks13a

  6. Who needs this many computers?! Better question, who has this much aluminum foil or time?aprilfoolspranks12

7. Shopping cart carousel around your friend’s car? #Annoying #Hilariousaprilfoolspranks11

8. “Hi, Jason!”aprilfoolspranks10

9. “Uh, do you have a Post-it note I could borrow?”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

10. Caramel onions. The other carnival food…gross!aprilfoolspranks8

11. World’s most slippery sanitizer.aprilfoolspranks7

12. Double-up the rubber band watch the prank’s victim get totally soaked!aprilfoolspranks6

13. Air horn automation. One of the best and most classic tricks yet…placement is everythingaprilfoolspranks4

aprilfoolspranks514. Mashed potatoes and gravy sundae! Yum! aprilfoolspranks2

15. Have a fun-loving yet pesky boss in your life? Fill up their office with balloons! Hopefully they aren’t terrified of them!aprilfoolspranks1

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