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Helpful Beginner Tips That Will Make Hiking Easier

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It’s your first hike, and you’re making sure you’re pulling all the stops when prepping for your escapade. Trek no further! Here you’ll explore some helpful beginner tips that will make hiking easier.

Check the Weather

It’s essential to stay on top of weather updates to avoid surprises on your trip. Nothing dampers the mood like a wild rainstorm and you in the mountains without a jacket to keep your dry.

Start Off Easy

There are trails for every ability and fitness level that are equally enjoyable for all hikers. For those taking on their first hike, locating a path of a lower difficulty is fantastic for acclimating to the hiking world without sacrificing the fun! Don’t forget to stretch!

Remember the Essentials

When packing your bag, you want to prepare for every situation. Make sure you have navigation tools, bug spray, enough water, snacks, and additional clothing. First-aid kits and sunscreen are essentials needed when treating injuries and exposing skin to the sun for extended periods.

Other safety items such as flashlights, fire starters, whistles, and multi-purpose tools should also be significant to pack.

Dress for the Occasion

What you choose to wear on your hike can impact your experience, especially when it comes to footwear. When picking the right shoe for your adventure, consider one that offers excellent support and space for your toes to wiggle.

Beginners can get away opting for a lightweight shoe made of synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. These options are breathable and easier to break in.

As far as clothing options, cotton fabric is the most comfortable and most cooling. Avoid denim, as the heavy material is slow drying and can irritate your skin.

Hydrate and Replenish

Perhaps the most vital tip, staying hydrated and replenished during your venture is critical to a successful hike! You’ll use a significant amount of energy during your trek, so drinking water and eating will help keep you strong on your journey.

Bring a Buddy

When trying something new, it’s always nice to do it in a crowd! Bringing a friend or family member with you on a trail can aid in motivation and add some fun to your adventure.

Communicate Plans To Others

Before setting off on your hike, the best practice is to communicate your plans with another person. Whether it be family or a trusted friend, tell them the exact location of your journey, when you’ll return, and when to call for help. Should something delay your schedule, check in and let someone know.

While these are only a few helpful beginner tips that will make hiking easier, knowing them can make a world of difference in your trip. Once you master these best practices, you’ll be on your way to bigger and more exciting adventures. Godspeed!

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