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The Most Incredible Pet Rescue Story I Have Ever Heard Will Have You Smiling From Ear-To-Ear And Crying All At The Same Time.

This is beyond any animal rescue story you've ever heard. And while the ending isn't what you'd hope it to be, the journey speaks...

Scientists Have Crunched The Numbers. Here’s How We Spend Our Lives. You’ll Be Shocked By The Amount Of Time We Actually Sleep.

Every day is unique in its own right - but who's to say the time spent on one thing is completely out of control....

10 Things We All Do That We’ll Regret In The Future. If You’re Guilty Of #6…Keep Reading.

The clock may be ticking, but what can we all do to make sure we don't feel as though our lives slipped through the...

What Do Strangers Really Think About You? As Usual, They Think You Are Way More Amazing Than You Give Yourself Credit For.

Buzzfeed created the "What Do Strangers Think Of You?" video to prove to us the harsh reality that we really are our own worst...

This Guy’s Job Involves Tipping His Hat To Every Car That Drives By. You’ll Be Shocked By Who’s Behind The Mask.

Mr. Gold stands on a busy intersection in Orlando, Florida waving a sign advertising a jewelry store. "We Buy Gold" is synonymous with the...

25 Lessons From Albert Einstein On Life, Knowledge, Power And Creativity.

E = mc2 is not what Albert Einstein would want to be remembered for. In fact, the genius was quite the ponderer, often jotting...

The Best Maya Angelou Video On The Internet And Five Of Her Greatest Quotes About Humanity

Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Ann Johnson on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri. Her life was dedicated to the betterment of humanity...

Infographic: The Secrets (And Numbers) To Having A Happy Marriage.

There are clearly several factors that go into keeping your loved one and yourself in a happy and healthy relationship, but what are some...

3 Things You Should Do To Make Your Mornings More Productive, And The One Fatal Thing You Shouldn’t.

Most adults admit to the defeating habit of hitting the snooze alarm every morning. Experts have been debating the pros and cons of the habit...

8 Simple Pieces Of Life Advice From Women Who Have Been There, Done That And Know You’ll Get Through It.

On a thread that's gone viral on Reddit, women ages 40+ were asked what advice they would give to their younger counterparts. Here are...

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