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The Unbelievable Thing This 8-Year-Old Did For A Soldier Will Be Remembered And Cherished For A Lifetime.

Myles Eckert had just discovered $20 laying in a Cracker Barrel parking lot and began fantasizing about the many ways he could use the...

This 14-Year-Old Boy Wrote A Poem That Will Make You Think Differently About The Next Generation, And Totally Blow Your Mind.

When Derek Nichols posted a picture of his 14 year-old brother’s poem, My Generation, to Twitter, the entire country was moved to shock at...

Watch: When Nurses Held This Newborn Up To Meet His Mother For The First Time, His Reaction Completely Surprised Them.

A video recently surfaced of a newborn baby shortly after its birth via cesarean section. Like most births in the United States, the nurses...

This 7-Year-Old Is Making The World’s Longest Bracelet To Fight Cancer. Jimmy Kimmel Cries When He Meets Him. So Will You.

Max Wilford, a 7-year-old battling brain cancer, is attempting to build the longest bracelet known as Rainbow Loom in his “Loom-a-Thon Against Cancer.” Jimmy...

Actual Conversations With Toddlers Reenacted By Two Grown Men. You’d Never Guess A Kid Was This Clever!

Did you ever wonder how and where kids learn to negotiate. It's almost as if every one of them have read Roger Fischer's "Getting...

This Guy Has Walked Across The U.S. Four Times Just To Remind Us All To Love Life! The Reason Why Will Inspire You.

I saw Steve Fugate on the side of the road in the Californian desert the day after Christmas. In 1999, Steve Fugate lost his...

Terminally Ill Girl Received $7,500 From Charity. She Gave All The Money To Her High School.

Jayci Glover is just 13-years-old, but the teenager has a heart and soul of gold. She has been fighting a rare form of terminal...

Watch: In 30 Seconds Two Burglars Get Away With Robbing A Bank In The Most Unbelievable Way Ever.

You know the saying if it was a snake it would've bit you? Well, that applies here. We won't give too much away, but...

A Clever Lifeguard Evacuates The Pool For A Break. What He Does Next Made Me LOL.

An oldie, but a goodie. A lifeguard makes guests get out of the pool because "he needs to take a five minute break". The...

These 10 Photos Were Taken During Their Last Days On Earth. It’s A Gripping Reminder Of How Precious Life Is.

It's very easy to get caught up in our daily life stresses; financial trouble, falling outs with family or friends, falling short of a...

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