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After 41 Years Of Teaching This Retirement Surprise Party Had Her In Tears.

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Mrs. Flexer was a beloved teacher for 41 years, so when she announced her retirement, her students, both current and former, decided to throw her an unforgettable retirement party to let her know how much they appreciated her. Imagine teaching little ones over 40 years ago and seeing the adults they’ve grown up to be. It is simply amazing. This video will have you thinking about your favorite teacher ever in no time. Make sure you thank one today.

When Mrs. Flexer entered the room and saw the children she had taught over the last four decades she was overwhelmed and shocked.teacher

She immediately recognized some of her students from years ago who would soon tell stories that melt your heart.teacher2





Then, Kid President and Soul Pancake awarded Mrs. Flexer with the “Medal of Awesome”. teacher7

Hug a teacher today 🙂

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