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Unusual Ideas for Office Christmas Events

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If you’re tired of the typical Christmas parties made up of eggnog, decorated trees and brightly wrapped predictable gifts, maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. Contrary to popular belief, there is no one right way to host an office Christmas event and stepping outside of the holiday norm just might make your party even more memorable. Here are a few unusual events to consider for your office party this year.




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A Masquerade Ball

Trade Jingle Bells and snow boots for orchestra music and ball gowns and throw a masquerade ball this year. This is a popular type of party, but not for the holidays. Watch your guests show up in fancy ensembles and extravagant masks and dance the night away. In keeping with the mystery of the masquerade theme, have each guest draw a name beforehand and secretly get it to the recipient that night. A party like this would need an appropriate venue in order to have the right feel, so be sure to start planning early and use websites like Venue Search London for more information on the perfect place to throw your ball.



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Christmas in July

This title generally refers to throwing a Christmas party in the summer time, but instead, you could throw a summer themed Christmas party. Set up your venue to look like a tropical paradise and have your guests don beachwear and sandals under their winter coats and boots. Those who have the winter blues will truly appreciate a night of tropical bliss, even if it is still snowing outside. Depending on your budget and the size of your venue, you could make it simple with umbrella drinks and flowers or as elaborate as Tiki huts and cabana boys, or even an indoor pool.

A Charity Event

Rather than the regular office gift exchange, your office Christmas party could be dedicated to the spirit of giving this year. Assemble your office staff and put together care packages for children’s hospitals, homeless shelters, or local families who may be in need. Charity organisations are always looking for donations and volunteers during the holidays, and what better to bring the company together than through service? You could all relax afterwards at a local restaurant or sip hot chocolate by the fire. A party like this means simplicity for you and a wonderful holiday for individuals who otherwise may have had nothing.

A Weekend Retreat

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Office Christmas parties generally take place for a couple of hours on one night and then it’s over. While this type of party is common and can be memorable, consider a weekend retreat instead. Look for cabins or lodges that offer overnight group rates and take the whole office away for a ski holiday or just a relaxing getaway to spend time together outside of work. Remember that many of your employees will need ample time to make accommodations in order to leave for a weekend so be sure to announce the retreat well in advance.


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