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“Rules For Dating My Owner” As Written By A Dog

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If you’re single and mingling you may not have children. You may not have a responsibility in the world other than yourself…or so you think. Keep in mind that when you bring dates home, your best friend is waiting, judging and will give you the final go ahead. Of course we mean that your dog will have the last word on your new relationship…and this is exactly what they are thinking.

How to date my owner (and win me over)…in dog words…

1. Dude, bring some flowers. No fake gas station ones either – we BOTH can smell the difference!


2. Staying over’s cool – but you share HER side of the bed.


3. Act like Valentine’s Day is every day. It’s Top Secret and it works.


4. Throwing anything? Aw man, that’s just pure bonus points.


5. Seriously buddy, don’t use the cute dog voice on me. I’m not your average blonde – neither is my owner.


6. I talk tough and may bite sometimes, but a good belly rub and I’m all yours.


7. And last but not least, having a big bone will always help. (For me, not her…)



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