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9 Things We Can All Learn From Those That Lived Before Us

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We all learn from each other every day, but what would you do if you could ask those that have lived longer, more experienced lives than you what to expect? Here are nine things we learn from the “elderly” (whatever that means), and why these are the most important things of life.

#1 Acceptance

The more a person sees of the world, the more they come to realize how varied are the people who live in it, and to accept their differences

#2 Strength

Older people are the ultimate survivors. It takes strength to get this far.


#3 Confidence

The older a person gets, the less of a damn they give about what other people think. It’s a skill worth studying.


#4 Patience

Old people are experts at waiting. They’ve been doing it a long time.


#5 Perspective

Age brings perspective like nothing else. Live long enough, and find out the things that really matter to you.


#6 Stories

Old people are full of them. War stories; love stories; stories of everyday magic. And stories are the lifeblood of the human race, linking us all together.


#7 Determination

Because it takes courage to grow old with grace


#8 Humility

Because the more of the rest of the world you see, the less important you consider yourself.


#9 Gratitude

Because the longer you live, the more reasons you find to be grateful for your life. So be grateful for yours.


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