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5 Tips for Making Your Photography Look More Vintage

Making your photography look more vintage is a matter of adding the right details. Consider this list to help improve your vintage photography aesthetic.

DIY – Hacks for Creating Eye-Catching Videos For Your Social Media Content

How do you create good video content for social media? To create good video content for social media, you need to make sure that your videos are eye-catching and engaging. This can be done by using music visualizers or by editing your videos in creative ways.

5 of the Best Gifts to Purchase for the Bride

As a wedding guests you have three separate tasks. Your first is to show up in the appropriate attire and the bride's choice of...

Clever Ad Campaign Uses Garbage To Trash People Who Litter

The city of Toronto recently launched a great PSA campaign to trash people who litter.  The ad uses litter arranged on the ground to drive...

This Hilarious Calendar Will Make You Happy The Internet Exists

Fantasy football leagues are usually seen as the reason your Sundays could be ruined, but in this instance, it resulted in something brilliant and...

“A Perfect 14” Is Reshaping Our Idea Of The Female Body.

A Perfect 14 explores the fascinating world of plus-size modelling and the women involved who are fighting to reshape fashion and the standards of...

Unreal Movie Posters Show That These Superheroes Are Ordinary Citizens And Don’t Need A Cape To Save Lives.

This compelling series of photos by photographer Brandon Cawood depicts actual firefighters, police officers and first responders, and others doing their every day jobs...

One Of The Most Beautiful Dogs You’ve Ever Seen Is Actually A Cat.

Tally is one of the best looking huskies you'll ever see...but she doesn't necessarily act like one. Since her owner posted her photos on...

Bald Is Beautiful! Courageous Woman Diagnosed With Cancer 9 Months Into Planning Wedding Gets Married

From the heralded wedding blog "Style Me Pretty" comes the story of a cancer survivor not letting anything stand in the way of her...

This Awesome Video Of Seals Getting Their Bellies Rubbed Proves They Are Dogs Of The Sea!

The magic of GoPro strikes again in this rarely caught scene of scuba divers getting up close and personal with seals in their own...

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