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DIY – Hacks for Creating Eye-Catching Videos For Your Social Media Content

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How do you create good video content for social media?

One of the popular activities in social media nowadays is posting video content. Content of this type is intended to be engaging and informative, so that it will help to capture the attention of your audience. Not only is video content a great way to share information, videos, too, are powerful tools in establishing relationships and trust with the target audience.

To create good video content for social media, you need to make sure that your videos are eye-catching and engaging. This can be done by using music visualizers or by editing your videos in creative ways.

Features to focus on for your video content

If you will check on every video that is scattered on social media platforms, you will notice easily how they stun. Unlike before, videos differ only on how video makers use the transition for scenes or on the type of filters used. But nowadays, videos outstand the platforms because of the following:

Music Visualizer

One way to create eye-catching videos for social media is to use music visualizers. Music visualizers are tools that allow you to create videos with customizable sound-responsive visuals. This can be a great way to add excitement by the audiograms and waveforms that music visualizers can create. Videos that use music and visuals capture the audience’s attention and hold their interest, too.

Speed Controller

Within this feature, you can adjust the video speed between 0.5x and 2x. Whether you want the video to be played slower or faster, there are tools or applications online that you can use for free. A few of the special effects that you can watch on videos today are those in slow-motion and timelapse. Slow-mo videos can be even more interesting by adding some dramatic effects. While timelapse can be even more fascinating by fitting it with the right exciting effects.

Video Overlay

This feature is used to fix videos that are taken upside down. However, people are so creative that they can use it as an effect added to the video. Aside from the fix-the-upside-down video mode, this also lets the user add images on the video in a creative manner. 

Video Translator

This feature is one of the best features in video editing that not all tools possess. With the help of a translator, audiences with different languages or dialects can understand what is discussed in your video right at that moment. It makes the video accessible to watch for the audience from different types of the world, which makes watching it even more exciting. 

Additional Tips in creating your own video

There are many different types of videos posted on social media platforms. To mention a few are Interview/Q&A videos, featured videos, behind the scene videos, giveaway videos, and travel content videos. 

However, some types of videos tend to generate more traffic than others. Here are some additional tips for creating engaging videos on social media:

  • The length of the video is one of the things to be considered when creating one. Keep in mind that short and straight to the point videos are likely to be watched all the way through.
  • The purpose of creating videos is to create engagement with the followers and audience. That makes it necessary to ensure that the video you are creating is truly engaging and entertaining. Videos are entertaining when interesting topics are discussed, creating a story, and adding some humour to it.
  • Creative videos keep your social media content fresh and engaging. This also helps boost your brand. In every creative video you make, you must take it as an opportunity to promote your brand. This is also something that audiences would have something to look on to, that makes them want to come back for more.

Creating your own video can be a daunting task, especially when you haven’t tried creating one. That makes businesses and other individuals choose to hire video makers for their video marketing and projects. However, do-it-yourself video is now made easier with the tools equipped with complete features online. All you need to do is to find out which one offers the easiest and best interface that works for you. 

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