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5 Tips for Making Your Photography Look More Vintage

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You can achieve a vintage aesthetic through editing and stylized choices when brainstorming a photoshoot. Reference your inspiration for your vintage shoots. What era do you want your work to be reminiscent of? How vintage would you like your photos to look? Consider these five tips for making your photos look more vintage.

Use Vintage Props

Using vintage props is an easy way to establish the mood and atmosphere for your photos. Making your photos look vintage in post-production is one part of the job, but setting the scene ties it all together. Consider learning how to photograph classic cars as a prop for your shoots. Classic cars are an excellent way to transport your shoot from the present to the past. There are also other props, such as old TV sets, luggage, crates, and Victorian cushion chairs, that could serve as vintage background props or accessories.

Style Models in Vintage Aesthetic

Styling your models is an important detail in capturing the vintage aesthetic for your photos. You can hire a stylist to dress your model according to the era you would like to capture or build an in-studio wardrobe to provide your clients and models with vintage clothing.

It would also be useful to ask the model or client to get an appropriate hair and makeup style reminiscent of the era you would like to capture. These details add to the overall look of the shoot and are visually consistent with the vintage look you want.

Shoot at Vintage Locations

Get creative with your vintage shoot by choosing locations that match the aesthetic. Find locations like 50s-themed diners, barbershops, salons, phone booths, bars with antique art or vinyl, or studios with pre-built sets. There are various options to help set the scene for your vintage shoot.

Use Vintage Edits

Editing your photos in a vintage style is one of the most important final steps in achieving the vintage aesthetic. Consider this list of ways to edit your photos to make your photography look more vintage.

  • Edit the photos in black and white
  • Add subtle vignette effect
  • Add a noise filter
  • Adjust the color saturation, contrast, and brightness
  • Add glitches and grunge effects

These details can make the photos feel reminiscent of an older time, which is what you want to accomplish when making your photos look vintage.

Shoot With 35mm Film

Another tip for making your photos look more vintage is to shoot with 35 mm film. This film camera is ideal for shoots that are more natural and less stylized. This shooting style naturally looks more vintage because it captures life in moments, which tells a story. Vintage photos often tell a story, and by shooting in film and applying the edits after, you can achieve the results you want.

Making your photography look more vintage comes down to being intentional about the details involved in the production of capturing the photo. Select a great location, find unique props, dress your model accordingly, and edit the photos using the tips above. Your next masterpiece awaits!

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