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Unreal Movie Posters Show That These Superheroes Are Ordinary Citizens And Don’t Need A Cape To Save Lives.

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This compelling series of photos by photographer Brandon Cawood depicts actual firefighters, police officers and first responders, and others doing their every day jobs to keep us safe in our communities.

This series is a celebration of our communities’ guardian and a memorial to the healers that put us back together when our bodies are broken,” Cawood wrote on his website. “The women and men in this series are those who inspire our children to be noble and brave! They do what they do not for reward but because they want to make our community, our home and our country a better place. Though they don’t wear capes, these are our HEROES!”

Brandon aimed to bring out a sense of movie-like drama to these images and emphasize the trauma these amazing people endure on a daily basis for our safety.





Source: Brandon Cawood

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