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How To Save Money When Your Teen Starts Driving

It’s an exciting time for both you and your teenager when they get their license. Now for the costs. Here’s how to save money when your teen starts driving.

Why is Early Childhood Development & Focus Important

From the moment they’re born, babies start working to sharpen their senses, build up their muscles, develop their flexibility and improve their communication skills....

Children’s Stories Are For Grown-Ups, Too!

Source: pixabay No matter what age, we will always remember the stories we read as children - and the adventures we wished we were on...

Fantastic Party Theme Ideas for Young Children

Kids’ parties are enormous fun. Like most parents, you probably want to make sure your little one has the best party ever. After all,...

Mom Invents Phone That Makes Kids Call You Back 100% Of The Time.

A Houston resident named Sharon Standifird is tired of her kids being unresponsive via text and phone calls when she's trying to reach them....

What If Teens Said The Things Parents Say…To Their Parents?

"Put down the phone!", "Tell her mom I said 'hi'!", and "Wait...why are you being nice? Do you want something?" All part of a...

Can You Think Of A Way To Use Sex Toys To Promote Gun Safety? This Epic PSA Did.

A gun safety advocacy group is using sex toys to start a conversation around gun safety and responsibility. An ad called "Playthings" shows two...

Quiz: What Kind Of Parent Are You?

You may think you've mastered the art of coolness, but what if you're really super overprotective? Find out what kind of parent you are,...

What Happens When Mom Finds Out She’s Going To Be A Grandma? EMOTION OVERLOAD.

When Lisa Englert found out she was pregnant, she decided to wait until Valentine’s Day and surprise her mother with the news. Little did...

Dad Screaming On Roller Coaster = Unbelievably Hilarious! “Never Again Grace! Never Again!”

This dad screaming is THE definitive theme park ride video. You will NOT be able to watch this without laughing out loud and feeling...

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