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This Nurse Uses His Hidden Talent To Spread Happiness To Patients In Pain.

Jared Axen was a child performer that was regularly heard in the hallways of Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital. Patients described him as "the...

My Grandma Just Died. How I Wish This 19-Year-Old Service Dog Could Have Been There With Her.

I'm one of the Founders of Inspire52, and we started this website to share stories that make you feel good and connected to the...

It’s Midterm Season! Share These 8 Awesome Study Tips With Every Student You Know.

Now this is useful information! How to get ahead in studying and get rid of all the distractions. No matter what grade you're in...

Every Driver On The Planet Should Be Forced To Watch This Chilling PSA.

In this very sobering public service announcement by the New Zealand Transport Agency, the extremely real consequences of reckless driving are portrayed in a...

How Do You Live In The Present Moment? Start By Watching This Remarkable Video.

This is a challenge on how to live in and love the moment. No matter how much we try to battle our anxieties and...

His Birth Weight Is Equivalent To 5 Sticks Of Butter. He Survived Anyway.

Ward Miles was born three months premature. He weighed just 1.5 pounds at birth, and was not held by his mother until he was...

If You’re About To Give Up Trying…Stop. You Need To Watch This Right Now.

This one hits close to home. Whether you are a creative strategist, a financial analyst, a doctor, a writer or an entrepreneur: if you...

Yes, You ARE Supposed To Do Something Amazing With Your Life. And In Less Than Three Minutes, This Video Will Inspire You To Do...

If you weren't convinced that life is short, this demonstration of the days you have left will have you rethinking your plans and making...

You’ll Want To Clear Two Minutes To See The Most Powerful Photos From 2013. What An Incredible Year It Was!

Our friends at BuzzFeed put together this stirring, narrated slideshow of photo after photo that will ignite your emotions as you relive the wins...

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