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This Guy’s Job Involves Tipping His Hat To Every Car That Drives By. You’ll Be Shocked By Who’s Behind The Mask.

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Mr. Gold stands on a busy intersection in Orlando, Florida waving a sign advertising a jewelry store. “We Buy Gold” is synonymous with the man donning completely gold attire, tipping his hat and dancing to the rhythm in his headphones. His actions often spread joy – not just the name of the jewelry store he stands in front of.

Photographer and videographer Brian Carlson documents the man behind the mask. A felon that has completely turned his life around on the chance given to his by the store’s owner. With over a decade spent in and out of federal prisons, Mr. Gold is proof that you can start again – if given the chance.

Make sure you keep watching until the end when Mr. Gold gets something he has never been able to afford thanks to Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando.

Source: Brian Carlson via Vimeo

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