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Hands Down, The 4 Best Graduation Gift Ideas, Ever. So Brilliant You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Think Of ‘Em First.

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Figuring out what to get the graduates in your life can be a real chore.  Don’t worry, we’re here to make this easy breezy. Behold the definitive list of what you can get every graduate in your life…it’s pretty darn creative, if we do say so ourselves!

1. No need to make a cake for the graduation party. Try this instead! That’s a real crowd pleaser (No allergies here!)


source: pinterest

2. A $20 Shirt And Tie



Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make one yourself! Keep in mind, one size fits all!

3. A $100 unisex necklace the whole family will love

source: etsy

4. And last, but never least, something to capture life’s biggest moments that’s still affordable:


source: pinterest

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