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Life Hacks

The Insanely Simple Kitchen Trick That Has Everyone’s Mind Blown.

Life, kitchen, and brain hacks come in really handy (when you remember them), but this trick that this guy pulls out is something you...

13 Myths You’ve Been Told About Your Body. I Am So Happy #5 Isn’t True!

"You'll poke your eyes out!" "Don't crack your knuckles!" We've all been told things our whole lives about our bodies that may or may...

15 Psychological Hacks That Will Help You In Business And Life. #8 Is A Rule To Live By.

#1. When you first meet people try to notice their eye color while also smiling at them. It might be because you look for...

Scientists Have Crunched The Numbers. Here’s How We Spend Our Lives. You’ll Be Shocked By The Amount Of Time We Actually Sleep.

Every day is unique in its own right - but who's to say the time spent on one thing is completely out of control....

10 Things We All Do That We’ll Regret In The Future. If You’re Guilty Of #6…Keep Reading.

The clock may be ticking, but what can we all do to make sure we don't feel as though our lives slipped through the...

WATCH: The Biological Effects Of Sleeping (And Not Sleeping). You’ll Pull No More All-Nighters After Watching This.

A man once tried to prove that sleeping was merely a habit that we trained ourselves to do. When he starved his brain of...

The Best Kept Disney Secret Has Been Right In Front Of Our Eyes For Years. Wait Till You Find Out What It Is.

The license plate in toy Story The box in A Bug's Life The left side of the camera in Finding Nemo The coordinates of Mr. Incredible's cell...

These 8 Cooking Hacks Will Make Your Life 100 Times Easier!

Learn how to peel garlic in seconds and chop lettuce without risking your fingers! In under two minutes this video will give you eight...

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