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13 Myths You’ve Been Told About Your Body. I Am So Happy #5 Isn’t True!

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“You’ll poke your eyes out!” “Don’t crack your knuckles!” We’ve all been told things our whole lives about our bodies that may or may not be true. Squash these 14 myths about your body once and for all!


1. Women aren’t the only ones with ticking biological clocks. While men remain fertile their whole life, the quality decreases with age.

2. We use more than ten percent of our brains. We use all we have, just not all at once.


3. Swallowing gum doesn’t take 7 years to digest. It passes through just like the pennies or toy soldiers you gobbled up as a tot.


4. A cold shower won’t actually dampen your libido. The shock might distract you for a bit, but that’s all.


5. Cracking your knuckles won’t cause arthritis. Just annoy your friends.


6. Despite what your mom told you, crossing your eyes won’t get your face stuck that way.


7. Getting the plaque professionally scraped from your teeth won’t loosen your teeth. In fact, it’s the opposite!


8. Chomping down on carrots like Bugs Bunny won’t make your eyes any stronger.

February 6, 2010 - Julie

9. Cutting your hair won’t make it grow faster. It may seem like it, but hair grows at the same rate regardless.


10. There are a million theories to get rid of the hiccups, but you really can’t scare them out of someone.


11. Eating after 8:00 pm doesn’t make a difference in weight gain. You metabolize things exactly the same, so cutting down on night time snacking just saves you the calories.


12. You can’t determine the gender of a pregnant woman’s baby based on how high or low its carried. The 50/50 chance makes it easy odds to believe, but it just isn’t true.


13. Reading in the dark won’t ruin your eyesight. In the dark your eyes will switch from using their cones to their rods making it more difficult.


Source: H/T MSN

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