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Having an Optimistic Outlook in Life

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Having an optimistic outlook in life can have very beneficial rewards. It was Henry Ford who said, ‘Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.’

Whether we think we can, or think we can’t can be so many different things to us. It can mean whether or not we have the confidence to think that we can achieve something. If we have the confidence to believe that we can achieve something, we are right. If we don’t have the confidence to believe that we can achieve something we are also right. Our mind is a powerful tool, and our expectations about our life normally turn out to be accurate.


A large part of our expectations is in whether or not we have an optimistic outlook on life. Be really honest with yourself, do you have an optimistic outlook in life? Or is your outlook more pessimistic? Do you always look for the best in life? Or do you always fear that the worst will happen? Noticing that in yourself is really beneficial. Changing it if it is negative is also beneficial.

That is, it is beneficial if you want to change your life around.

How do you become optimistic?

To become optimistic requires everyday work. It also requires everyday work to become pessimistic. The choice is ours in whether or not we choose to become optimistic or pessimistic.

There are many beneficial things that you can do to become more optimistic about life. Some of these things might require a change on the outside of you. While some will require a change on the inside of you. Changing things on the outside of you can be things like; jobs, relationships, your home and way of life. Changing things on the inside of you can be things like; your mind, the thoughts you speak to yourself and your emotions.

How much improvement do I need?

How much improvement do you need in your life. How does the outside things in your life make you feel? How does the inside things make you feel? What brings you optimism in your life? Where in your life does your optimism need improving?  These are vital questions to ask yourself in life if you want to be optimistic. The key here is to be honest with yourself. If you are not honest with yourself then you cannot improve anything in your life.

Being optimistic in life will make you feel happier in life.

Where to start?

Start with being more optimistic with the littler things in your life. It’s easier. And the more you get used to it, the easier it will become to be more optimistic in life.

One little thing that you could do, but which will make a big difference, is in how you start your day. How you start your day will have a knock on affect for the rest of the day.

You probably notice this more when you are having a bad you. You know the day, you get out of bed, hit your foot off the chest of draws, you go outside and miss the bus, your late for work…the type of day were something bad happens…then it roles on throughout the rest of the day.

The good news is is that because it happens with bad things, it also happens when you set off on the right foot in the morning.

Do something positive for ten minutes every morning, even if it means that you have to wake up a little bit earlier. Wake up an do some meditation, listen to some positive affirmations or read something positive. Anything to get you becoming in an optimistic mood. When you start your day off in a positive way, you will become more optimistic.


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