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This Couple Did Something Unbelievable Every Single Day In 2013. One Of Them Beat Cancer Doing It.

Janette Murray-Wakelin, 64, and Alan Murray, 68, had quite the ambitious 2013 New Year's resolution. On Tuesday, the duo completed their 365-day run around...

One Thing You Need To Do In 2014: Get Away From Your Desk.

We know. How could you possibly escape from the four walls that confine you, or the cubicle you've been assigned to? We don't mean...

Scientists Studied Your Body And Discovered Where You Hide Love And Anger. Trust Me, It’s Weird.

Scientists from Finland had about 700 participants color silhouettes when they were shown emotions as words, stories, movies or facial expressions. Warm colors were...

Do NOT Make Any New Year’s Resolutions Until You Watch This…Trust Us.

Wait a second...you mean this guy has proof that if I make a New Year's Resolution and start on January 1, there's actually a...

Beyoncé Granted This Young Girl’s Dying Wish In The Most Incredible Way Imaginable.

Taylon is Beyoncé's biggest fan. She also has an inoperable tumor on her brain and has been informed that her days are numbered even...

A 5-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Gets A Movie Trailer Made About His Heroic Battle. He Doesn’t Know He’s At The Premiere.

Antonio was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and is currently in his maintenance period for cancer treatment. Through the pain of chemotherapy and the...

This Motivational And Miraculous Change Will Inspire You To Live To The Fullest Today!

The transformation of this obese, injured vet is simply stunning. In 10 months, he loses his walking cane, his knee brace, his back pain...

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