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Soldier Returns From Duty In Afghanistan To Save His Veteran Grandfather’s Life And Donate Part Of His Liver To Him.

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Rick Homer is 62 years old and has been battling health issues for the past three years. The veteran survived Vietnam, four years in the Marines and 16 in the Army, respectively. “I found out about it a little over three years ago. I have hemachromatosis, which is genetic. The liver doesn’t purify the blood like it supposed to. The only time I’ve got left is what the good Lord gives me,” Homer told KLTV.

Rick would have been placed on a donor list more than likely longer than the time he had left to live. That’s when his grandson, 21-year-old U.S. Army Specialist Ricky Glenn, came to his rescue.

“The loss and the regret of me not doing anything would have outweighed this. I’m the firstborn grandson I carry my grandfather’s name,” Glenn says.

Glenn arranged with his commanding officer to be flown back from Afghanistan to Baylor Medical Center to be tested as a match. He is back home to save his grandfather’s life and it is the most heroic an selfless thing you will see in a long time. Our best to Glenn and Rick – fair warning- get the tissues ready.

Source: KLTV via YouTube

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