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NBA Superstar LeBron James Fulfills Life Dream For Teen With Cancer Who Was Star Player At Her High School Before Diagnosis.

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LeBron James is arguably the most powerful and famous NBA star of this generation. On March 29, 2014, LeBron turned a high school basketball player’s dream into reality. But this is no ordinary high schooler…Ebony Nettles-Bey, 16, has stage-four Rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of cancer in the soft tissues of her body. The Madison, Wisconsin native had a Twitter hashtag trending in her name in February that read #LeBronMeetEbony. After the publicity and awareness spread via the broadcasting site, LeBron delivered an incredible memory for Ebony and her family.

“All I knew was that we were coming in to watch the game. I was telling my friends, maybe he’ll wave or run past and smile at us,” Nettles-Bey told the Wisconsin State Journal. Ebony was the leader of her high school team prior to her diagnosis – a star on the rise. No doubt that this meeting with her idol and hero has brought inconceivable joy to her life, and a moment of humility from even the most unstoppable of athletes.


                                                                                                                 AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps


Source: WITI via YouTube.

Here’s what LeBron had to say about meeting Ebony. His words certainly strike a chord with anyone that has a loved one battling cancer:

Source: YouTube

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