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This Photo Shoot Will Leave You In Tears. A Breast Cancer Patient Surprised By 11 Friends Who Had Just Shaved Their Heads For Her.

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The power of true friendship is impossible to gauge. How far we would go to translate love to those we hold nearest can only be spoken about hypothetically until the day comes when we are faced with something as terminal as cancer. Gerdi McKenna was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year, and had gone bald due to chemotherapy treatments. That’s when her closest friends called up photographer Albert Bredenhann to schedule the photo shoot of a lifetime.

“Her friends wanted to show solidarity with her and in February emailed Bredenhann requesting a photo shoot,” according to The Blaze. And we are so happy he was there to document the beautiful moment that will leave you teary-eyed and filled with goosebumps as Gerdi walks in and sees all of her friends with heads that look just like hers. It’s absolutely spectacular.





CREDITS: Vimeo H/T The Blaze

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