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Brenda Died 2 Years Ago. She Just Gave Her Family An Unforgettable Christmas Miracle!

This is, without a doubt, the most moving Christmas miracle I have ever heard. If you can't watch the entire video we have provided photos...

These Brothers Grew Up In Poverty, Surviving On Welfare Checks And Food Stamps. One Of Them Just Got Into Yale.

Johnny and George Huynh are from Dorchester, Massachusetts, a town where 42% of the children live in poverty. They were raised by a disabled...

20th Century Fox Gave This Guy $25,000 To Make A Movie Trailer. He Filled A Bus With This Instead.

I love movies as much as anyone, but it puts a lot into perspective to see entertainment dollars turning into real-life change. Fox was...

I’m Embarrassed. I Thought Paul Walker Was Just An Actor In The Fast & The Furious. Turns Out He Was Saving Lives Around The...

Once you watch this video, you’ll realize why “Paul Walker” was the No. 2 trending search term in Google in 2013, right behind Nelson...

Stop Telling Your Kids To Get Off Their Phones. They Might Just Be Doing This…And It’s So Amazing, You’ll Want To Watch Twice.

Sick of kids always being on the phone? This brilliant commercial from Apple turns everything on its head. It’s the story of a kid...

In Less Than 90 Seconds A Woman And A Homeless Man Prove That Your Words Can Change The World

Next time you think your voice or opinion doesn’t matter, remember this video. It’s a beautiful reminder that our words can, in fact, change...

Yes, Santa Is Real. WestJet Airlines Will Prove It To You.

WestJet staged a spectacular Christmas surprise for a bunch of unsuspecting passengers. It’s amazing, check it out! Plus, I learned something: the next time some...

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