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20th Century Fox Gave This Guy $25,000 To Make A Movie Trailer. He Filled A Bus With This Instead.

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I love movies as much as anyone, but it puts a lot into perspective to see entertainment dollars turning into real-life change. Fox was looking for a cool way to promote The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, so they asked Casey Neistat, a film director, to run a campaign where they’d give someone $25,000 to “live their dreams.” Neistat had something different in mind. Instead of filming someone pursuing their dreams, he told Fox he wanted the entire $25k budget to go toward aid and relief for people in the Philippines after the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan. The result was this moving video.

CREDITS: Here is Casey’s original video. A more in-depth account of what went on during the process can be found here in an article by The Hollywood Reporter.


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