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The Unlikely Friendship Between Alabama’s Star Quarterback And The Team’s Handicapped Equipment Manager Will Move You To Tears.

This is the story of two guys named "AJ". Both "AJs" attend the University of Alabama. One is the star quarterback of the famed football team,...

A Businessman Pretends To Be Homeless. What Happens Next Inspired His Whole Town.

Jonnie Wright, a businessman from Iowa, checked off an item on his bucket list over the holidays. With a desire to pay it forward,...

She Was Convinced Santa Wouldn’t Come To A Hospital (No Chimneys). She Was Wrong And I’m Still Crying.

If you don't know who Arnold Palmer is (or his children's hospital in Orlando), you should. "Arnie" received letters from the kids spending Christmas...

A Car Dealership Orders Too Many Pizzas. What They Do With It Will Warm Your Heart.

All of us are a little guilty when it comes to throwing away perfectly good food, but when this car dealership in Dallas realizes...

Beyoncé Granted This Young Girl’s Dying Wish In The Most Incredible Way Imaginable.

Taylon is Beyoncé's biggest fan. She also has an inoperable tumor on her brain and has been informed that her days are numbered even...

These Guys Pull An Epic Christmas “Prank” On The Homeless.

It's very rare that a prank has good intentions, but these guys spread the Christmas spirit in a way that both shocks and awes...

This Girl Just Received Christmas Gifts From Her Secret Santa “Bill”. Then She Found Out “Bill” Was Bill Gates!

Rachel was a participant in Reddit's online Secret Santa gift exchange and had a decent list of things she wanted this year: an iPad,...

How Can One Person Make The World A Better Place? This Secret Santa Shows Us.

The saying tells us that "money can't buy happiness", and that's absolutely true. What money can do for those in need is give them...

Brenda Died 2 Years Ago. She Just Gave Her Family An Unforgettable Christmas Miracle!

This is, without a doubt, the most moving Christmas miracle I have ever heard. If you can't watch the entire video we have provided photos...

These Brothers Grew Up In Poverty, Surviving On Welfare Checks And Food Stamps. One Of Them Just Got Into Yale.

Johnny and George Huynh are from Dorchester, Massachusetts, a town where 42% of the children live in poverty. They were raised by a disabled...

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