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22-Year-Old Performs 22 Acts Of Kindness In Pakistan Instead Of Receiving Presents On His Birthday. The Result Will Move You.

Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi did something totally selfless in honor of turning 22. He performed 22 random acts of kindness around Islamabad, Pakistan that...

He May Be Handicapped By A Disease But You’ll Never Believe What Body Part He Uses To Play The World’s Most Popular Video Game.

What do you do when you have a disease that makes it unbearable to use most of your muscles? You create a controller that...

Famous Football Player And Fiancée Choose Young Leukemia Survivor To Be Flower Girl At Their Wedding.

Recently selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the fifth round of the NFL draft, AJ McCarron and his infamous girlfriend have made an awesome...

10-Year-Old Battling Cancer Receives A Surprise From His Best Friend…Over 2,000 Birthday Cards!

When Max started Catching Joy, the non-profit organization he operates with his mom, he probably never thought he'd be using his superpowers to bring...

Need Someone To Root For Today During The NFL Draft? What This Prospect Did For His Cancer-Surviving Mom Made Me A Fan-For-Life!

"One day, mom, I'm gonna get you that car you've always dreamed about." Top NFL draft prospect Teddy Bridgewater just made good on a...

Man With Down Syndrome Fulfills Dream To Sing National Anthem For The Boston Red Sox. His Voice Will Stun You.

Mike Mullins, 38, has been a diehard Red Sox fan his whole life. He's also been singing the National Anthem before the Red Sox...

A Homeless Man Gets The Gift Of His Life: A New Home And A Savings Account.

Magician and prankster Rahat wanted to give a homeless man with a good reputation a shot at a better life. Rahat thought up a...

She Just Got The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever, And Her Reaction Says It All!

It's not about the gift so much as it is the thought that moves people to tears when receiving a gift. When this woman...

OMG, You’ll Seriously Bawl At 1:33. 7-Year-Old Hears His Mom’s Voice For The First Time.

Jenri Rivera, a seven-year-old boy from Guatemala, traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana to receive the gift of a lifetime. Jenri was born deaf, but...

Middle School Football Team Organizes Surprise For Fellow Student. Not Even The Coaches Knew!

The Olivet Middle School football team orchestrated a perfect plan to give the moment of a lifetime to one of their classmates.  Even the...

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