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He May Be Handicapped By A Disease But You’ll Never Believe What Body Part He Uses To Play The World’s Most Popular Video Game.

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What do you do when you have a disease that makes it unbearable to use most of your muscles? You create a controller that allows you to play your favorite video game utilizing your eyebrows! Of course!

SpecialEffect are a UK-based charity that help people with physical disabilities to benefit from video games. When they came across Alex who has spinal muscular atrophy they made him a setup he’s a natural at using.

From the video: “He can’t hold a controller or use a keyboard, so he games using a combination of voice commands, eye control and a hand movement switch. He needed a couple of extra switches to properly control some of his games, so after trying several alternative solutions, we found that these nifty lever switches were the best option for him. They had to be VERY carefully positioned and safely mounted, but Alex is a natural.”

Source: The Gamers’ Charity via YouTube

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