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This Is What Happens When A Monkey Steals Your Camera. It’s Hilarious, But Doesn’t End Pretty!

I can't really relate to someone that would put an expensive camera down while in the presence of wild yet very intelligent animals, but...

This Guy Has Mastered The Hardest Instrument On The Planet, And He Will Blow You Away. Yes, It’s All With His Mouth.

Gene Shinozaki is not your typical instrumentalist. He's mastered what is quite possibly the most difficult instrument in the world...his voice. Gene is a...

Watch A Jaguar Zipline Off The Top Of A Football Stadium. The View Is Spectacular!

The Jacksonville Jaguars suffered through another sub-.500 season. Their mascot, Jaxson DeVille, still managed to have fun, though. He turned their stadium, Everbank Field, into...

Watch: These Guys Are Professionals In A Sport You’ve Probably Never Heard Of…And Their Skills Are Insane!

International yo-yo champion John Ando puts his signature plastic yo-yo, the YoYo Factory Protostar, to the test with help from fellow pro yo-yoer, Paul...

A Clever Lifeguard Evacuates The Pool For A Break. What He Does Next Made Me LOL.

An oldie, but a goodie. A lifeguard makes guests get out of the pool because "he needs to take a five minute break". The...

These Incredible Sculptures Are Made With Nothing But A Scalpel And One Piece Of Paper. Their Lifelike Shapes Will Amaze You.

Denmark-born artist Peter Callesen is a master at the intricate and detailed. His artwork is unlike anything you've ever seen and is made with...

Watch: The World’s Most Unassuming House Cat Is Secretly Wolverine From X-Men!

If you've ever had a cat (really, any breed will do) you know that they can be extremely quirky, destructive, out for the blood...

This Collection Of Hilarious Selfish Love Songs Will Make You Feel Great About Being Single.

Remember those hilarious infomercials that used to run late at night? They usually featured "Songs From the 70's" or "80's Classic Rock Jamz"! This...

Watch: In 20 Seconds This Little Girl Goes From Cranky To Overwhelmed With Joy When Her Dad Puts On Her Favorite Rap Song!

This little cutie goes by the cool name of Chevelle, and at the beginning of this video she's not a very happy camper. But,...

71 Genius Life Hacks That Will Change How You Tackle Everyday Challenges.

Every day we face these little challenges that threaten our patience. Whether it's hammering our thumb because we missed a nail on the wall,...

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