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You’re About To See The Most Unbelievable Moment In The History Of “Wheel Of Fortune”, Complete With A Really Awesome Ending.

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Emil De Leon is a nursing student from California, but when he went on the show “Wheel of Fortune” to try his hand at hitting the word puzzle jackpot he probably didn’t expect to stun America with his performance. During the bonus round a puzzle appeared on the board for a three word phrase. With just two letters helping him solve the equation, Emil spit out the oddest, and what turned out to the be the winning, phrase. Un-be-liev-a-ble.

   The answer to the seemingly impossible to unveil puzzle was “New Baby Buggy”.Puzzle

Everyone was in complete shock…but no one more than Emil himself.

Even longtime host Pat Sajak could do nothing but shake his head in disbelief! Puzzle2

But…it got even better when Emil found out how much he had won…puzzle3


Watch the video of Emil’s amazing victory:

CREDITS: Wheel of Fortune via YouTube

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